More than thousand customers pick up our magazine each 2 week. With the distribution rates of major print publications in the Chicago area falling, many of our customers at Chicago Ad Magazine wonder if it’s still worthwhile to invest in print ads. We have one main advantage over other print publications when it comes to distribution; our product is free. Customers have stopped paying for newspapers and news magazines in part because they can read the news online without paying for it. With Chicago Ad Magazine, however, customers can browse through it at their leisure, without paying a cent. It has the same appeal as flipping through a catalog and exploring what’s available.

The Benefits of Print Ads

Fans of Chicago Ad Magazine tend to be people who still like to relax and see what their local businesses are offering. More than a thousand customers pick up our magazine each 2 weeks, giving businesses a brand new audience for their products and services. Our distribution continues to increase. When you place a well- designed print ad with us, you can see a dramatic increase in your foot traffic, sales leads, and overall interest in your business.

Choosing to place an ad in Chicago Ad Magazine means that you are also investing in a local business. Our magazine is based in Chicago and runs ads from businesses in Chicago, the greater Chicago area, and Illinois at large. This gives you an important chance to be seen with other local businesses, in a way that doesn’t happen online.

Reach Interested, Engaged Consumers

When you purchase ad space through large search engines, your ads are only shown when customers are looking for particular keywords and specific situations. You lose control over when customers see your ads, and you may end up being associated

with pestering customers through interruption advertising. When you place an ad in our dedicated magazine, however, customers reach your ad at their leisure. They are interested and engaged, which makes them more receptive to your overall message.

For more information on the demographics of distribution at Chicago Ad Magazine, or to learn more about our ad placement and ad design services, contact a sales representative. You can reach out to us by phone at 630-776-7111, by fax toll free : (800)814 7879 or by email at info@chicagoadmagazine.com, or through the downloadable form. You can also complete the form on our Contact page, and a sales representative will return your inquiry as soon as possible.

Don’t settle for methods of advertising that won’t work for your business; contact us about placing a print ad today.