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When it comes to marketing, every dollar counts. Businesses know that they need to spend money on marketing to reach their audience, but knowing where to spend their hard-earned dollars can be complicated. Enter Chicago Ad Magazine. We offer reasonable rates to help your business connect with thousands of customers in the greater Chicago area. We can use an ad that your team has created, or design one for you. The choice is yours!

Owned and operated by the Maar Corporation, Chicago Ad Magazine is a publication which is free to readers. Because customers do not have to pay to pick up a copy, they feel free to browse at their leisure, building a more positive relationship with the products and services available within our pages. We are happy to work with companies that are looking for a boost in foot traffic, are launching a new product or service, or are running a special promotion.

We Work With You

No company can succeed if it can’t sell its products. At Chicago Ad Magazine, we work to make sure that our business partners are entirely satisfied with the services we offer. For ongoing partners who choose to contract with us, we offer huge discount for several runs.  You also have the option to update your ad with no extra cost. By making marketing affordable, we believe that your company will be stronger and better served, which strengthens the overall local economy.

In the Internet age, we know that businesses have many different methods of advertising. Many small businesses still rely on foot traffic to meet their sales goals. Customers who need to boost traffic among their local audience still need print ads to continue to meet their needs and build their growth. While many companies

focus on online advertising, print ads are the lifeblood of numerous businesses.

Advertise With Chicago Ad Magazine

If your company wants to reach interested customers in the Chicago area, advertising in Chicago Ad Magazine is a great way to start. Whether you have an ad ready to go, or want to find out more about our design services, reach out to us today to get started with your next local marketing initiative. We are happy to talk you through the benefits available to our regular customers, and make sure that you understand exactly how your company and our magazine can work together to support the best Chicago has to offer. Contact us today to get started.

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